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i will do something with my life. i will do something with my life. i will do something with...

went to the library with katy last night. she had to do something for her english class and i had to...find books and copy her "after WWI" map, LOL. i almost freaked out because heretic wasn't due back till december. god, it was so sad. almost spazzed. "DECEMBER!!?? DECEMBER MY ASS I WANT IT NOW!" well the librarian is e-mailing me when it comes back. so take that in your pipe and smoke it. hah.

felt very pretty today. apparently, john is worried that i'm neglecting him. ooo, better call him LOL. feel very much like the man in the relationship.

also, i read ahead in the great gatsby and it was a wonderful, wonderful book! usually, i'm not into "american classics" and whatnot, but i absolutely loved it! we had to get parts in this class project thing. and the part of daisy is split between me and this other chick. so yay for me.

south park and the oc are on tonight! yay for good tv.
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