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hmm so thanksgiving. nothing but the same old. belinda and her husband who looks like ray ramano's twin came over. belinda's awesome and she was born in puerto rico so she has this cool accent. hmph. wish i had an accent, LOL. aunt sue, uncle steve, and david (who was in "she's all that") didn't come. which sucks because they're my favourite relatives, LOL. aunt sue's mansion's finished. we saw pictures and it looks really pretty. will probably go visit it this summer. watched the south park movie and my taping of "ladyhawke" before falling asleep. finished heretic. it's the last in the series which is depressing, but it gives me a sense of completion, ya know? onto king arthur series.

woke up, ate some pie, rented "28 days later". i was hungry, but i couldn't eat anything during that movie. you know me and my little apocolypse obsession. hmph. cool movie, anyway. keep thinking back to black plague. think of it...if that plague wouldn't have wiped out 1/3 of the population, a lot of things would be different. europe would be a desert, for one thing (anne rice "servant of the bones"--go read it). people thought it was god punishing them. only later did they realize it was just rats. will probably write something about black plague as am so obsessed with middle ages, the apocolypse, and sociology. wow, what a nerd.

don't know what i have planned for weekend. was going to see a movie with bonnie, becky, and jordan tonight, but i'm not sure. oh well. i need to write anyway.

i'm buying the "28 days later" soundtrack. jesuschrist yeah.
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