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had awesome time last night. kristin, katy and i went to the mall to get ideas for xmas presents. mom said heather wanted make up, so i found this adorable pack of lip glosses that would be perfect. then, my mom tells me that she wants a CD. so i have to go get her a CD. also, my dad's incredibly hard to shop for. will get him leather gloves.

so highlights of mall...kristin played the piano (she's...wow...jesuschrist wow), we were stalked, i got hit on by the guy at forever 21 (he was a cutie, LOL), i obsessed over the tanzanite jewelry while looking for a pair of earrings for mom, and for dinner, i had a chocolate malt.

then...the cpc spent the night at kristin's. kristin and hilary made a retarded movie and filmed me while i was sleeping, we hoarded food, talked, had a pillow fight (sorry i knocked you on your butt, katy!) and kristin braided my hair in this cute little way. we had a great time. hellyeah.

don't wanna go to nathaniel's party because ambria's not going. have to go to charity thing. picked out shirt from forever 21 to wear to that. now i have to deal with my hair. ahhh.
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