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wow, totally forgot. wed. night: sucked like a fucking monkey. the first part was alright (running for the chocolate store and almost killing ourselves) was OK. but then we had to actually see the movie. ryan was there which made everything awkward. i don't care what katy says about awkwardness. yeah ryan was there. but it doesn't help that katy's gonna be making out with my ex tomorrow night. oh well. i never liked him that much. did i?

"timeline" was such a piece of shit. i'm sorry, but it was! none of the acting was good and it practically parodied archeologists and the middle ages! why, anna freid, WHY? you are better than that. everyone, go rent "braveheart" or "the passion of joan of arc". please. save yourself.

sat through the whole movie just staring out into space while everyone else had a great time. hmph. will never do that again.

am i antisocial? "idealism is a choice. cyncism is not a smarter choice, but it's safer."
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