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as usual: mmf. the cute guy that i made eye contact with is named brandon. he's in hilary's math class, which means he's probably very smart. ooo good. sick of retarded boyfriends. hilary and i stayed after for french club (partitives baby, yeah) and then sat around and ate m&ms and did our hw and gushed about how beautiful mitch's eyes are. wow, i sound like such a stalker. will stop that. hell, this whole entry has been about cuties.

onto more important things...LOL. am pissed off because i don't get to exempt an exam. i have all a's except in math where it's a 79.2%. if i just had that .3, i could have exempted something. oh well. they're just finals and i will, for sure, be able to exempt next semester's. it's just all the hype. "i don't know what to exempt, history or biology!!" like i give a damn! i'm probably just bitter because ambria and i are the only kids in our honors classes that don't get to exempt. but oh well. if anything, finals'll boost my grades.

hilary told me that in cls2, they get to do research on anything relating to world history. if i got in (and not to sound snobbish, but i could. it's the persistance that i'd have trouble with, LOL), i'd do something like "jesus, the holy grail, and other biblical mysteries". it'd be so great. then i could use to it get a major in theology! very awesome.

we all know that's never going to happen. but it's fun pretending.
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